Mālama Pono Massage

What does Mālama Pono mean?

‘Mālama’ is to care for; ‘Pono’ has no direct translation into English but has very strong cultural and spiritual meaning in Hawaii.  ‘Pono’ represents living in a state of harmony and balance.  The term ‘mālama pono’ is most often used to mean ‘take care’ or ‘be well’. 

We specialize in deep tissue work, Lomi Lomi (in the tradition of Aunty Margaret), reflexology & Eastern modalities. Also we now offer shiatsu.

Menu of Services

All services customized to your specific needs.

Lomi Lomi/Swedish/Deep Tissue and/or Reflexology, with hot towels as a table massage.

60 minute massage                 $115

90 minute massage                 $155



We listen and care which is what we feel mālama pono is all about.

Ask about kama’aina rates.







Lee S.

Founder/Owner| Malama Pono Massage